7 Reasons You Should Call In a Plumber for Professional Services

The expense of hirng a plumber is worth the investment in certain circumstances. It can keep you from getting hurt or tied up in a project you really feel too overwhelmed to complete. Below are a few good reasons to seek professional plumbing assistance.

1. Broken Water Pipe

A broken water pipe can send water rushing to all areas of your home. The water damage left behind is often tremendous. It’s times like this that a plumbing expert is valuable. You can feel confident they will find the leak and get it repaired quickly, even when it’s in the least obvious place. Plumbing professionals have the tools and expertise to fix all types of pipes, no matter what materials are used.

2. Frozen Water Pipes

Disaster can happen quickly when your pipes freeze and you try and thaw them yourself. It can lead to a sudden break in the main water line that spews water everywhere. Ice expands in the pipe and causes a break that you may not realize is there until the water begins to flow.

3. Complete Drain Clog

A stubborn and deep clog in your drains could be a sign of serious sewer line troubles. Letting it go can lead to a backup of raw sewage into your home. It’s the kind of mess you don’t want to deal with at any time.

4. No Hot Water

A complete lack of hot water could mean your hot water heater is dead. It might also mean you have another problem that requires a repair. The water heater contains extremely hot water that can burn your skin. It’s also a pressurized system and should be handled by a professional plumber for safety reasons.

5. Major Plumbing Repairs or Fixture Replacement

Replacing old plumbing pipes, faucets, sinks, tubs, or toilets might seem easy when watching a DIY show on television, but it can be harder than it looks. You don’t want to get halfway through a major plumbing repair or replacement and find out you’re stuck and unsure of how to get it done.

6. Low Water Pressure

Many things can cause low water pressure in your home. Plumbing services will know exactly where to look and determine the cause. You can feel confident they also have the solution to bring things back to normal.

7. Adding Water or Drain Lines

The need to add drains or water lines for a new bathroom, finishing an addition, or creating a laundry room can be a difficult task for those without experience. Plumbing specialists can recommend the right design and materials you need to get the job done right the first time.

Call in a licensed plumber if your plumbing needs require experience and knowledge to complete a project or repair quickly. Find more online information and resources at the Drain Rescue website.