6 Types of Panels Used for Wooden Wine Boxes and Crates

When you give the gift of wine to a colleague or friend, you want to make sure to make an impression. After all, how you or your company is perceived is all in the presentation. Therefore, the panels you choose for custom wine boxes should be strongly considered. The following panels are frequently used when presenting wine in boxes or crates.

1. Collector’s Panels

This type of panel, as you may have guessed, is a bestseller for wine aficionados and people giving gifts of wines to customers and friends. Custom wine boxes that display collector’s panels normally are featured on crates of Bordeaux, wine crates containing Spanish wines, Portuguese wines, or Italian varieties, or California specialties. These panels are a larger size, and therefore can be displayed as part of the décor in the home. As the name suggests, collectors love these kinds of panels, especially when they are presented on gifts.

2. Large Collector’s Panels

You can also customise wine boxes or crates for larger panels. Usually, the large collector’s panels are featured on six bottle magnum crates, or boxes containing 24 ½ bottles. The larger panels are considerably bigger than standard-sized collector’s panels, with some being taller in some instances. These panels often display wines, such as Bordeaux, Rhone, and Burgundy vintages from France.

3. First Growth Type Panels

These panels label the first growths of Bordeaux, or extremely rare wines, such as Chateau Latour, Chateau Margaux, Chateau Lafite Rothschild, Chateau Mouton Rothschild, and Chateau Haute-Brion. Because these wines are considered extremely rare, these panels are highly coveted.

4. Exclusive Class Panels

Of all the wine panels used for boxes and crates, the exclusive class are the rarest. They are also exceptionally detailed. The Domaine Romanee Conti or DRC is considered, arguably, the best wine as well as the most expensive wine worldwide. Therefore, this wine is considered the top wine of the Exclusive Class. Because many of the DRC wines are sold on the futures market (selling above retail), the panels are hard to attain.

5. Classic Panels

This panel is usually featured on the long side of 12-bottle Bordeaux wine crates. Chateau and Estate are classic panels that display engraved winery lettering. They do not show off any artwork or designs. They usually support a French Provincial look, or the boxes may be filled with other kinds of panels to cover the space.

Winery branded panels are classic panels similar in looks to Chateau and Estate panels. However, they are about half the size. The winery lettering is engraved, with no artwork.

6. Border Panels

When border panels are used, they are featured on flat crates of three or six wine bottles. Therefore, the dimensions for the panels can vary. As the name suggests, border panels trim a crate and are normally long and thin. However, this panel is not always collected.

When it is dismantled, you can add a lot of these panels to a wall, all of which makes an interesting mélange of winery artwork. In fact, wine collectors can build up quite a collection after a while, as less expensive and more frequently imbibed wines feature border panels on their boxes or crates.