7 Tips for Writing Kickass Meta Descriptions For SEO

how to write meta descriptions

Having a meta description is probably one of the most important SEO components that don’t have much impact on ranking. It’s important to have a kickass meta description for your website if you want to stay relevant in the increasingly competitive SERPs. Here’s how to write a meta description that will get the job done….

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How to Decide on a Marketing Budget

marketing budget for small business

Whether you run a huge company or a small business, it is impossible to effectively run a marketing campaign without a budget. Most companies will carefully set aside a marketing budget to ensure that they have funds at their disposal whenever they want to edge out their competition in the marketplace. Large companies usually do…

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6 Ways to Boost Subscribers by Upgrading Your Content

how to create a content upgrade

Content upgrades are freebies offered to email subscribers as an addition to the blog or content your clients are already getting. If your target audience comes to your blog to get answers to burning questions, you can make them subscribe to your email by promising better content they won’t be able to resist. Most online…

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