5 best hearing aid brands in the market

Picking the right hearing aid can be an uphill task especially with so many brands offering almost similar gadgets to choose from. In fact, even an audiologist Calgary  will have difficulty in advising the type of brand that is better than the other. However, there are some major brands that have been accepted as a complementary to each other.

Many audiologists have come up with factors they consider critical when picking a hearing aid which includes sound quality of the device, reliability, how easy it is to fit, ease of use, connectivity, the battery life of the device, its aesthetic value, available support services for users as well as whether it offers value for money.

With the above criteria for picking the best hearing aid in the market, below are some of the best hearing aid available in the market.

  1. ReSound

Founded in 1943, Resound has its headquarters in Denmark. The company is known for its sound processing system with a wide dynamic range compression (WDRC). They also became the first company to introduce the open-fit hearing device. Its recent technology is a hearing device for iPhone users. Recently, they were one of the first two hearing aid companies to release a hearing aid device.

  1. Oticon

The company whose philosophy is “People First” was founded in 1904 by Hans Demant who was motivated by the desire to help his wife who had a hearing impairment. The company is responsible for coming up the world’s first digital hearing instrument called the Digifocus. And have continued the spirit of enhancing peoples’ lives by focusing on personalized fitting for each user to give them a more natural listening experience in a process they refer to as call BrainHearing technology. They have also gone ahead and introduced an open hearing aid dual wireless and internet connected hearing aid, which is a first in the industry.

  1. Phonak

This company has established itself as a hearing solution for children specifically with the classroom radio FM technology and the roger pen. Their greatest mission in life is to help people in their interactions without restriction s of hearing impairments they may have.

They recently launched a lithium rechargeable hearing aid known as the Audeo B-R as well as their CROS hearing aids. Phonak is a very popular hearing aid brand in the U.S.

  1. Starkey

Starkey was founded by William F. Austin in 1967 and is the only American owned hearing aid brand. the company is known for its philanthropy through the Starkey hearing foundation which donates hearing aids all over the world.

Starkey runs on the philosophy “Hearing is our concern” and true to it, many less privileged people throughout the world have benefited from their generous donations.

One of the company’s achievement is the creation of the first in canal hearing as well as the first custom digital invisible hearing aid. Also together with Resound, they developed the first model for iPhone hearing aid.

    1. Widex

It is a family-owned company founded in 1956 and has been significant groundbreaking technologies such as the computer modeling and laser technology custom earpieces and also the first digital in-ear hearing aid.