4 Things You Should Do To Maintain Your Nursing Scrubs

Cleaning your nursing scrubs is important not just for cleanliness, but also for safety. Nursing uniforms carry illness-causing bacteria and need to be washed to avoid infecting yourself or others. When you buy scrubs, they do not come with a manual for cleaning and maintenance. This is why we came up with a list of 4 things you should do to maintain your nursing uniform.

1. Treat Your Scrubs Before Your Use Them for the First Time

Scrubs tend to fade easily because you will use them regularly over the next few months or years. To avoid fading, soak your scrubs in cold water and white vinegar. Use a half cup of vinegar with about 5 liters of water for the soaking concoction. This step will get you the most life out of your nursing scrubs. If you are interested in learning more, visit Daily Scrubs.

2. Clean Out Stains First

The first step you should take before washing your scrubs is stain removal. If it is your first time on the job and you are horrified about the blood and vomit stains on your perfectly pressed koi scrubs or mobb scrubs, you do not have to worry any longer.

Different stains have different stain removal methods. Blood stains are easily removed by soaking your nursing uniform in cold water to loosen the stains and then consequently soaking with a strong detergent that has enzymes. After this, you can now wash as usual. Vomit and urine stains can easily be removed by soaking in cold water. After the stains have come loose, you can remove any solids with a disposable knife. Use a strong detergent to complete the wash. Oil based stains are best removed by soaking in hot or warm water depending on how well your nursing uniform material can handle the heat.

3. Thoroughly Disinfect Your Scrubs on Wash day

Washing in detergent will not suffice for scrubs. You will need to disinfect the material to make sure you are not carrying around bacteria or viruses with you. If your scrub uniforms are white, then you can add chlorine bleach to them. Be sure to dilute the bleach before you add it to your koi scrubs. Pine oil disinfectant is best for colored scrubs.

4. Wear Your Scrubs at Work

Your scrubs should only be worn at work. This increases their life and reduces the chances that they will be re-infected on your way to work. You should also take them off after work and keep them in a sealed bag. When you take them home, make sure you remove the stains and disinfect them as soon as possible, so they do not mix with the rest of your laundry.

Follow these simple tips to keep your scrubs clean, safe and in top condition.