4 Recent Technological Trends in Physiotherapy Services

For a long time physiotherapy has been known to be instrumental in the treatment and recovery of most conditions. According to research, it has been highly effective in boosting the patient’s self-esteem and increasing the patient’s recovery rate. In addition, it has been a great influence in prevention of further injury. As technological innovations in different fields emerge, the physiotherapy services industry has not been left out, especially in the introduction of advanced equipment that continues to contribute greatly to its growth.

Fitness Tracking Devices

Worn around the wrist, fitness trackers have revolutionized the world of physiotherapy. They use sensors that monitor the movements of the wearer, thereby measuring daily exercise activities by the numbers of steps taken. Some of them can tell not only the distance travelled but also how intense the movements are.

The more advanced trackers can monitor your sleep quality and tell the calories you’ve taken. Still others have the ability to measure your blood pressure, heart rate and levels of oxygen. In addition, they can be connected to the computer or smartphone, enabling you to store the recorded information for analysis and future reference.


The introduction of bionics has brought with it untold benefits to patients whose conditions had been considered desperate. Courtesy of bionics, patients suffering from such conditions as severe arthritis and hip dysplasia can move more easily using mechanical devices. In the end, there are minimal chances for occurrence of further injuries in addition to boosting of the morale and life quality of the patients since their movements are no longer limited.

Mobile Applications

Mobile phone usage all over the world has risen to incredible heights. This has led to increased access to the internet where users can access important information on how to improve their health. Additionally, the monitoring of physiotherapy programs has become more efficient since patients from any location in the world can access customized apps that encourage them to follow their exercise routines.

Social Platforms

Social media have connected billions of people around the world. It has proved a reliable platform for physiotherapists and their patients to get and keep in touch with each other. In addition, the platforms allow current patients to share their experiences with past patients, thus getting encouragement and insights on their conditions as well as recommendations to some of the best physiotherapists.


As long as there will be emergence of new technology, the evolution of the physiotherapy service industry has not yet seen its end. Some of the other technological innovations that continue to have a huge impact on the sector include virtual reality, practice management software and Electronic Medical Records (EMR). However, doctors and other professionals in physiotherapy will still be the heartbeat of the sector for a very long time.

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