1. Benefits of Round-the-Clock Home Health Care for seniors

If you have an elderly loved one who requires assistance and you are the sole provider, then you know how tough it can get. Taking seniors to a retirement home may not be an option either, especially when they are unwell. Hiring supportive home health care service ensures maximum care for the senior and peace of mind for the family members.

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2. Vaping Has Helped Thousands of People Quit Smoking

The number of cigarette smokers in the United States has decreased significantly since 1965. At that time, an average of 42.4 percent of adults were smokers. Today, that number is down to an incredible 12 percent, according to the Center for Disease Control. There are many reasons why so many people have decided to kick the habit, or not start smoking at all. There is more awareness about the dangers of cigarette smoking these days. And there are also more options out there for people who are trying to quit, but need a little extra help. The popularity of the e cigarette has also contributed to the decrease of tobacco use.

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3. Thinking Of Getting Your Medical Degree from a Caribbean Medical School? Here Is Why This May Not Be A Bad Idea After All

Getting to medical school in North America — Canada and the United States — is not easy. In most cases, the struggle to end up with a career in medicine in these two countries often ends up in broken dreams. The current number of medical schools in Canada is 17, and with each of these schools limiting the number of students they enroll to avoid compromising the quality of education, it’s given that a high number of qualified students will miss out on opportunities. The situation is more competitive in the United States which leaves these students with pretty much only Caribbean medical schools as their only option.

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