5. 5 Pieces of Physiotherapy Equipment to Consider Buying

Whether you are a physiotherapy specialist yourself or someone who uses physiotherapy to treat injuries or recovering muscles and joints after a surgery or accident, having the right equipment for your physical therapy is essential. The following is a list of five essential pieces of physiotherapy equipment that you should consider buying to up your game.

1. Exercise ball

One of the most simple but effective workout products is the exercise ball. This ball is soft and supportive but can be used in unique ways to truly challenge you. Physiotherapists especially love how versatile it is.

2. Elliptical machine

Even people who regularly go through therapy because of illnesses or injuries or because they are recovering from a surgery have to do regular cardio workouts in addition to their traditional workouts. But when you’re recovering from a serious injury, surgery or arthritis, you need a smooth cardio workout that won’t rattle your joints and bones too much, and an elliptical machine is the perfect answer.

3. Exercise bike

Just like the smooth glide of the elliptical machine, the exercise bike provides a gentle workout for those who are recovering from injuries or accidents or working with arthritic bones and joints. Reclining exercise bikes provide a pretty great workout too. They work your core, thighs and butt with every pedal.

4. Electric muscle stimulators

Some physiotherapists use electric muscle stimulators. These machines don’t offer a difficult workout for the patient, but still work to stimulate muscles that are weak or that haven’t been used in a while.

5. Resistance bands

Resistance bands are forms of isokinetic devices, and they’re an excellent way to build flexibility and strength. What’s truly great about resistance bands is that you can cater their resistance to fit your own needs. For example, if you’re recovering from an accident and don’t have a lot of flexibility, using a resistance band with lots of slack will provide a challenging yet gentle stretch.

It’s quite easy to find all of the pieces of equipment listed above online or in most brick-and-mortar sports equipment stores. The elliptical machine that you choose should be carefully picked out. Guides online can help you choose the best machine for you and your personal situation. Some elliptical machines can be rather expensive, but they have more bells and whistles. Most of the other products on the list come in all shapes, sizes and prices, so the choice is yours.

Regardless of exactly how much you spend or which brand or type of equipment you buy, investing in your health and wellness by purchasing the items listed above will certainly benefit you in the short term and long term. Try some of these pieces out with your physiotherapy. You’ll see a difference right away. If you would like to learn more, the Chiro-Med Rehab Centre website is a great reference for additional information and resources.