Services Offered At a Hearing Clinic

If your physician asks you to visit a hearing clinic, you might be wondering if it is necessary. Today, many hearing clinics offer many services that you would not find in a general doctor’s office. The primary reason for visiting a hearing clinic is if you have either full or partial hearing loss. When you get to the clinic, an audiologist will attend to you. An audiologist is a doctor who has distinctive training on treatment of hearing problems.

What to expect at a hearing clinic
The audiologist who undertakes the hearing assessment should be licensed. During the evaluation, various aspects will be examined so as to determine the type and extent of the hearing loss. The test will involve actual speech and pure tones such as sound level and exact pitch. The complete audiology examination will last for an hour or more.

Once a diagnosis has been made, the doctor will recommend a suitable treatment. Usually, you are likely to be asked to use hearing aids. Considering that there is a variety of these, the doctor will recommend one that works best for the type and extent of the hearing loss. Besides your condition, the choice should also factor in size, cost, and comfort.

Preventive care
Besides treatment and diagnosis, you will also be trained on proper ear care when you visit hearing clinics. Some of the tips include how to clean your ear without hurting the ear drum. Audiologists recommend that one cares for the hearing they have to prevent losing it. To be able to care for your hearing ability, you might require a few devices. For instance, ear plugs are instrumental in protecting the ear drums from loud noises. You can use ear plugs when you are in noisy public areas.

You can also get customized ear molds that you can use when swimming. Noises from heavy equipment and aircraft can affect your hearing ability. Thus, using high attenuation earmuffs around such equipment is advisable. Though you may be tempted to get patient consulting services at an online clinic, appropriate selection and fitting can only be ensured when you visit a hearing clinic.

Signs indicating the need to see an audiologist
It feels like everyone is mumbling
Most hearing patients complain that others are mumbling and never speaking clearly. It is frustrating when you do not understand what others are saying.

People around you say the TV or radio volume is too high
If the people you stay with are always lowering the volume of your TV or radio, it is a sign of early hearing loss.

You keep asking people to repeat what they said
In case your friend or spouse has mentioned that you say “what?” a lot, you may be losing your hearing, and you should see an specialist.