Caring for a Tooth After Getting Filling Services

Fillings are devices that dentists put in the teeth to prevent a cavity from spreading. Many dentists put fillings in their customers’ mouths as a first line of defense so that they can avoid fates such as extractions or the need to obtain a root canal. If you have a filling from the dentist Ottawa, you will need to take the utmost level of care of it. Taking care of your mouth can help you to avoid spending additional monies because you have harmed the filling. The following are some tips for taking care of the teeth and keeping your filling in good condition:

Avoid Harsh Foods

Fillings can last you a long time, but you must use precaution when you eat. Harsh food items can cause them to crack prematurely, and the cracked filling can cause pain and discomfort. You should most likely avoid the same foods with fillings that you would avoid with braces. Hard candies and thick pretzels are not advised. You also want to make sure that you do not accidentally bite down on a bone. You could damage your filling in the blink of an eye. You will need to get to a dentist’s office shortly thereafter.

Rinse the Mouth Routinely

Another way that you can ensure that you do not destroy your filling is by rinsing your mouth out with water after your meals and snacks. Rinsing with water will help you to keep down the massive number of bacteria and residue that can get caught in your teeth. The process only takes about 30 seconds and it can preserve your fillings for many years. Your filling can last five years or much longer. The way that you care for it makes a huge difference in its lifespan.

Use a Gentle Mouthwash

Mouthwash is something that many people use to avoid bad breath issues. Mouthwash can be a wonderful item, or it can be a harsh one. Be mindful when you buy a mouthwash to take care of your teeth when you have a filling. You should avoid brands that have harsh chemicals and alcohol in them. Instead, purchase a non-alcoholic mouthwash and use that to cleanse and freshen the mouth. You can choose from a vast assortment of options like peppermint and cinnamon. The best time to use mouthwash is before you go to bed. A gentle mouthwash will help you to fight bacterial buildup while you are sleeping.

You can use those tips to ensure that you preserve your fillings for as long as possible. By using those few practices, you can also ensure that you keep your other teeth from harm and destruction, as well. Start with the above stated tips, and you should have a prosperous smile. For more information visit Trillium Dental.

Image Credit: Mysheriff