3 Expenses That Influence Your Cost To Attend Caribbean Medical School

Earning your degree at a Caribbean medical university can be a dream come true. Many people have the desire to study in a foreign location, and a tropical island paradise is among the most scenic locations to do so. You may want to learn about a new culture, explore a new area and more while also studying to become a doctor. While there are several dozen Caribbean medical schools that you can apply to attend, deciding where to apply requires proper attention to a few critical factors. While reviewing medical school requirements is an important step to take when making your decision, your finances should also be considered during the decision-making process. Three key factors heavily impact your cost to attend Caribbean medical schools, and focusing your attention in these areas can help you to make an affordable decision.


Your Educational Expenses

The cost to attend Caribbean medical schools can range from a few thousand dollars per semester to tens of thousands of dollars per semester. This variation can dramatically impact your life while in the Caribbean as well as in the many years after your graduate when you are paying off student loans. Granada, Antigua and Dominica have some of the more expensive medical schools in the Caribbean while St. Kitts and St. Lucia have some of the more affordable educational options.

The Cost of Living on the Island

If you are thinking about living in a new location for several years or more, it is important to learn more about the cost of living in the area. The cost of living varies drastically from one location to the next. Everything from living accommodations to the cost of food, utilities and more should carefully be reviewed before you decide which school to focus your efforts on. While you are exploring the cost of living on the island, consider educating yourself on the lifestyle you may expect to enjoy as well.

Your Travel Expenses

Some Caribbean medical schools require students to spend at least a portion of their time training abroad. This can drastically increase your expenses through travel and relocation. If you plan to return home to spend time with your family during the holidays and at other times of the year, you should research travel costs to and from your home.

Caribbean medical university can provide you with an excellent education that serves as the basis of an exciting and lucrative medical career. Studying in a foreign location can be exciting in itself, but you also need it to be affordable. As you explore schools, consider how each of these factors will impact your budget in the years to come.