Simple Vacation Tips For Anyone

We take vacations to relax and get away for awhile to leave all the stressors of life behind. Travelling should be fun, and by following these simple vacation safety tips you reduce the chances of becoming a victim of crime. 

Tourists always stick out and make for tempting targets for thieves looking for easy prey. While on vacation all it takes is a moment of distraction for a thief to steal your valuables, especially when carrying lots of luggage, money and other important items. Rather than looking like a tourist, make sure you blend in with the crowd. 

Only take items that are necessary, avoiding all expensive jewellery and fancy designer luggage if possible. These items draw unneeded attention and only make you a bigger target. Be inconspicuous yourself and all the items you pack should be in regular bags. 

At your hotel you should know the layout such as where all the exits are, the fire alarm and where the fire extinguisher is in relation to your room. Make sure your hotel door is locked at all times and never answer the door to strangers. Store all valuables in the hotel safe. Speak with hotel staff for recommendations on safe places to travel and where to go to eat. 

If you are travelling internationally you will need a current passport that is valid, this also includes Mexico and Canada.  If your passport is not current or valid you will need to check out the U.S. State Department's Web site to apply or renew your passport. Register with the U.S. State Department to make it simpler for the U.S. government to help should you find yourself in an emergency situation. Research local laws and customs to become familiar with all the basics. 

Contact your current insurance agency to seek if it is valid where you're going. A medical emergency can be very costly overseas, especially if you don't have insurance. Also, you may need a special international drivers permit if you plan on having a car. Keep maps in your car and a GPS to help you safely navigate the local area. Never drink and drive! Keep your drivers licence and other identification on you at all times.  

Make sure you leave your itinerary with a trusted person before going on vacation in case they need to get a hold of you. These important vacation safety tips are valuable advice that everyone should follow.