Four Major Considerations Before Your College Move-in Day

After graduating from high school, you’re probably raring to move onto college to experience new things. But hold your horses because moving to a college dorm is not as easy as it seems. It needs careful planning, preparing, and organizing to ensure that you do not forget anything on the day of the actual move. Here are some things that you must consider before your college move-in day, so you can make the big transition with grace:

1. Make a List of What to Bring

Don’t belong to the list of unorganized students who leave everything at the last minute. Make a list of items that you need to bring to your dorm. If you’re hiring pro college movers to haul the big stuff, make a subheading of what will go with them. It is important to make a master list, so you won’t forget anything. On top of that, a list ensures that you can keep track of your precious belongings so that you won’t misplace any of them.

2. Label Your Stuff

Write your name and dorm room number on your things, especially if professional college movers will be helping you. Make sure you write these details on all the boxes, bins, and suitcases because you want to make sure that your things end up being delivered to the right room and to the right person. On top of that, if you were to accidentally misplace items along the hallways, someone can deliver them easily to your room.

3. Coordinate With Your Roomies

If possible, get to know who your roommates will be ahead of time. Some colleges allow this, so you can coordinate details with your roommates. Both of you may want to bring big ticket items. After all, bringing two sets of TVs and microwaves will only waste space in your already cramp dorm room. Coordinating ahead will also help you schedule who will arrive and when during the move-in day. Moreover, you can discuss décor and start your friendship even before school starts. Being besties with your roomies will make college life more fun because bulk of your time will be spent with them. Find more online information and resources at the Matco Calgary Movers website.

4. Avoid Over Packing

You might be tempted to haul everything in your bedroom to your new college dorm, but resist the urge because space in a dorm room is very limited. Majority of what you think you need would probably not be used, so sticking to the bare essentials is the smartest choice. On top of that, you can easily buy small items when you get to your new school.

Moving to college is an exciting period for any young adult. Everything will be new from experiences, lessons, friends, campus, and teachers. It is a thrilling adventure that will surely make a mark on any person’s life. Make every college moment count; hence, do your best on your freshman big move-in day, so you can look back on it with a smile. Ease the stress of moving by pre-planning ahead of time.

7 Reasons You Should Call In a Plumber for Professional Services

The expense of hirng a plumber is worth the investment in certain circumstances. It can keep you from getting hurt or tied up in a project you really feel too overwhelmed to complete. Below are a few good reasons to seek professional plumbing assistance.

1. Broken Water Pipe

A broken water pipe can send water rushing to all areas of your home. The water damage left behind is often tremendous. It’s times like this that a plumbing expert is valuable. You can feel confident they will find the leak and get it repaired quickly, even when it’s in the least obvious place. Plumbing professionals have the tools and expertise to fix all types of pipes, no matter what materials are used.

2. Frozen Water Pipes

Disaster can happen quickly when your pipes freeze and you try and thaw them yourself. It can lead to a sudden break in the main water line that spews water everywhere. Ice expands in the pipe and causes a break that you may not realize is there until the water begins to flow.

3. Complete Drain Clog

A stubborn and deep clog in your drains could be a sign of serious sewer line troubles. Letting it go can lead to a backup of raw sewage into your home. It’s the kind of mess you don’t want to deal with at any time.

4. No Hot Water

A complete lack of hot water could mean your hot water heater is dead. It might also mean you have another problem that requires a repair. The water heater contains extremely hot water that can burn your skin. It’s also a pressurized system and should be handled by a professional plumber for safety reasons.

5. Major Plumbing Repairs or Fixture Replacement

Replacing old plumbing pipes, faucets, sinks, tubs, or toilets might seem easy when watching a DIY show on television, but it can be harder than it looks. You don’t want to get halfway through a major plumbing repair or replacement and find out you’re stuck and unsure of how to get it done.

6. Low Water Pressure

Many things can cause low water pressure in your home. Plumbing services will know exactly where to look and determine the cause. You can feel confident they also have the solution to bring things back to normal.

7. Adding Water or Drain Lines

The need to add drains or water lines for a new bathroom, finishing an addition, or creating a laundry room can be a difficult task for those without experience. Plumbing specialists can recommend the right design and materials you need to get the job done right the first time.

Call in a licensed plumber if your plumbing needs require experience and knowledge to complete a project or repair quickly. Find more online information and resources at the Drain Rescue website.

How Can A Locksmith Save You From An Emergency Lockout Situation?

Locks are meant to keep out unauthorized people. However, locks do not discriminate. If you do not have the key then you will be locked out of your car or house and prayers are not going to help. You need an emergency locksmith service. Keeping their number handy in your mobile is always a good idea.

Get midnight service

Get midnight service

It pays to know locksmith lockup services in your city or locality that operate around the clock. You return from a late night movie only to find you have lost your house keys. Phone them and someone will come around in a half hour and open the lock. You do not have to sleep in your car. This is what experts at recommend.

Expert lock opening

Expert lock opening

When you hire expert locksmiths the lock, regardless of how complex or secure it is, can be opened within minutes without any damage. You can have a key made by the locksmith and continue to use the lock. Whether it is your car, your safe or your house, you need not to go in for a purchase of expensive locks.

Such expert locksmiths offering emergency services are usually accredited and possess skills to take care of any lock, even key-less locks. Experts also have a reputation to maintain so, when you get a duplicate set made, you can be sure that information will never be misused. Since they are so good at opening locks and have the right set of tools you have peace of mind that the door frame will not be damaged.

Other ways

Other ways

You can be locked out of your house and loss of key is not the only reason. The lock may develop a defect and your key will not work in it. In such cases too you can expect emergency locksmiths to get the lock open in the first place so you gain entry. Next, you can expect them to repair the lock and get it back into working condition or, if that is not possible, put in place another lock or locking system for your entire house with a single key solution. You do not have to carry a bunch of keys around.

Divorce proceedings also result in one spouse or the other being locked out of the house. Your spouse may change locks and your key will not work. You do not have to spend the night on the porch or in a hotel room. Call in your friendly emergency locksmith and he will take an understanding view of the situation.

It is not just the house door lock that can create an emergency situation. Your car could present problems too. You travel a hundred miles or so and stay in a hotel room. Next day you cannot find your car key because it may be inside the car. Knowing emergency locksmith number means you can call him and he will sort out the matter.

The same locksmith can prove to be invaluable in advising you about home and car security. Along with the advice, he can also put in place better security measures to keep your premises and property fully secured.

How Professional Calgary Movers Can Make Your Move Smooth and Economical?

A dream house has been finalized by you. It is an exciting phase of your life as you are all set to plan your move. It can be an overwhelming phase where you are both excited and nervous about handling it. You have to manage several costs and worry you may overshoot the budget. We at Calgary movers have some amazing tips to make sure your move proves to be cost effective. Take a look at some of these tips:

Research well before deciding on moving services

Research well before deciding on moving services

This could be the trickiest part of your move. If you read up well in advance and go through the terms, we assure all will be fine. Ask your friends who have moved before and read up on the internet too. Customer satisfaction matters a lot and talks to the potential movers. Get a finalized quote on their services and then, decide. The Forbes website suggests you do the same with internet, cable services for your new home as well.

Time to get rid of unwanted items

Time to get rid of unwanted items

There are a lot of items in your closet or kitchen that you refuse to say goodbye to. You have not used them in ages and may never do so. Remember how the team of packers and movers will charge you for every single box! This is the time to do some cost cutting by removing these things from your old home.

Time for some local shopping

Time for some local shopping

If you have been worrying too much on the interiors for your new home, we have a suggestion for you. This is the time to get out of your online window shopping mode and look out for local markets. This could be either be a flea market or shops in the city centers. Some of your friends could be pros at it and take them along to make shopping more fun.

Avoid the peak days for the move

Avoid the peak days for the move

You would have noticed how the quote from packers could differ for weekdays and weekends. It could also differ for mornings and evenings. Apply for an off at your workplace and work out on a cheaper timing for the move. The team won’t compromise on the moving process and the timing is all that would differ.

Packing materials from your grocery shops

Packing materials from your grocery shops

There is a huge possibility of your regular grocers having a lot of cartons to be disposed of. Do not hesitate in going around and asking them. Chances are you may get it all for free or will have to either pay a tiny amount. Some of them charge a lot for boxes.

Pack your kitchen provisions smartly

Pack your kitchen provisions smartly

A lot of your kitchen essentials could be left and you may want to throw them off. If they aren’t crossing their expiration date, pack them smart. You can avoid spending money on grocery shopping after the move. Pack the food items inside the utensils as they won’t consume too much space.

These are just some of the tips we wanted to give you. After moving in, you may want to decorate the house and may not have a lot of money for it. Wait for a while and save up money to do so. You have found your dream home and now have all the time to personalize it. Calgary movers wish you a happy and safe move!