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Welcome to my personal health blog. Here you will find a broad range of information and resources that will enable you to get yourself on a healthy lifestyle path. I hope I can help educate you on a  perfect solution for your health concerns/ questions. Covering various types of areas of health in addition to several specialist fields. While real-world consultation with a qualified physician is critical, the information provided can hopefully give you a basis from which you can consider.


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The 10 Steps Involved in Any Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

By Eric S  07 Apr 2018
When you come to think about it, after doing some extensive research on the topic, you will notice that the medical malpractice injuries usually vary widely. You will never find two identical medical malpractice lawsuits; there must be something small different about them. The one thing that you will notice always stays constant is the lawsuit processes which the medical malpractice lawyers take part in. Below are ten steps that medical malpractice lawsuits undergo, and they may end up taking years before the whole process is complete. Your medical malpractice lawyer should be able to guide you effectively through every process.

6 Signs You Need To Replace Your Toothbrush

By Eric S  13 Feb 2018
As any Whitby dentist will tell you, replacing your toothbrush regularly is important. It’s really a matter of efficacy rather than of health. Although there are a lot of germs that live on your toothbrush, they will not cause you any harm as long as you use scientifically formulated toothpastes (which kill germs), and allow...

The 6 Worst Things You Can Do After A Running Injury

By Eric S  13 Feb 2018
If running is your life, then an injury can seem like the end of the world. But take heart from the fact that you’re not alone - around 70% of runners are injured at some point during their running life. What really matters is reacting well, and avoiding some common running mistakes. With a combination of patience, physiotherapy Newmarket specialists Chiro-Med are a great choice), and the right attitude, you can recover from almost any injury and get back out there.

4 Things You Should Do To Maintain Your Nursing Scrubs

By Sorkin  23 Dec 2017
Cleaning your nursing scrubs is important not just for cleanliness, but also for safety. Nursing uniforms carry illness-causing bacteria and need to be washed to avoid infecting yourself or others. When you buy scrubs, they do not come with a manual for cleaning and maintenance. This is why we came up with a list of 4 things you should do to maintain your nursing uniform.

6 Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries

By Sorkin  22 Dec 2017
Although nobody is perfect, more people are trying to achieve the perfect appearance. With the help of the doctor’s knife and procedures such as botox, numerous people are making different changes in their appearance through cosmetic surgery. Discussed here are the six most popular cosmetic surgeries today.

1. Benefits of Round-the-Clock Home Health Care for seniors

By Sorkin  20 Jun 2017
If you have an elderly loved one who requires assistance and you are the sole provider, then you know how tough it can get. Taking seniors to a retirement home may not be an option either, especially when they are unwell. Hiring supportive home health care service ensures maximum care for the senior and peace of mind for the family members.

2. Vaping Has Helped Thousands of People Quit Smoking

By Sorkin  19 Jun 2017
The number of cigarette smokers in the United States has decreased significantly since 1965. At that time, an average of 42.4 percent of adults were smokers. Today, that number is down to an incredible 12 percent, according to the Center for Disease Control. There are many reasons why so many people have decided to kick the habit, or not start smoking at all. There is more awareness about the dangers of cigarette smoking these days. And there are also more options out there for people who are trying to quit, but need a little extra help. The popularity of the e cigarette has also contributed to the decrease of tobacco use.

3. Thinking Of Getting Your Medical Degree from a Caribbean Medical School? Here Is Why This May Not Be A Bad Idea After All

By Sorkin  14 Jun 2017
Getting to medical school in North America — Canada and the United States — is not easy. In most cases, the struggle to end up with a career in medicine in these two countries often ends up in broken dreams. The current number of medical schools in Canada is 17, and with each of these schools limiting the number of students they enroll to avoid compromising the quality of education, it's given that a high number of qualified students will miss out on opportunities. The situation is more competitive in the United States which leaves these students with pretty much only Caribbean medical schools as their only option.

4. 5 Tips to Locate Quality Home Health Care

By Sorkin  11 May 2017
When a loved one is ill and needs home health care from a professional agency, it is not always clear which one to contact. Sometimes the doctor will prescribe an agency that works with other patients of the medical practice. But if not, it is up to the family to find a health care agency that provides high quality care. To locate health care services that will benefit your loved one who needs professional assistance at home, here are five tips that may help.

5. 5 Pieces of Physiotherapy Equipment to Consider Buying

By Sorkin  09 May 2017
Whether you are a physiotherapy specialist yourself or someone who uses physiotherapy to treat injuries or recovering muscles and joints after a surgery or accident, having the right equipment for your physical therapy is essential. The following is a list of five essential pieces of physiotherapy equipment that you should consider buying to up your game. If you would like to learn more, the Chiro-Med Physiotherapy Richmond Hill website is a great reference for additional information and resources.

6. 3 Things to Look for When Shopping for Retirement Homes

By Sorkin  22 Apr 2017
Now that you are a senior citizen, you might be thinking about downsizing and looking into retirement homes. However, you might be a bit overwhelmed by the many options that are out there. It's true that there is no shortage when it comes to retirement communities in Ottawa, but they are not all created equally. Luckily, if you look for these things when shopping for the perfect home for your retirement, you can help ensure that you are happy with your choice in the long run.

7. The Two Types Of Anesthesia Commonly Used For Plastic Surgery

By Sorkin  30 Mar 2017
Fears about incision and pain keep many people from undergoing the plastic surgery directory Toronto they deeply crave. However, these fears are extremely unfounded in today's medical environment. Modern plastic surgeons use sophisticated techniques to ensure that people undergoing these surgeries experience no pain whatsoever. Surgeons extensively use two main types of anesthesia to keep these procedures painless.

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